Paul Mack Somers



Antiphonien für Bläserchor

Two antiphonal quartets of two trumpets and two trombones each

Dedication Fanfare Trio

Two trumpets, one trombone

Hans Sachs Chorale Prelude

For three antiphonal quartets of two trumpets and two trombones each


Three trumpets, three horns, three trombones, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba

Arch of Miniatures

Five movements for flute, clarinet, and piano

Recorded by the Palisades Virtuosi on Albany Records, available on iTunes

Blue Mama’s Suicide Wail (Mountain Top Blues)

(ca. 5:00)

By William T. Handy, arr. PMS for the Halcyon Trio

(clarinet, viola, piano, with optional bass part available)

and for the Palisades Virtuosi (flute, clarinet, piano, with optional bass part available)

Eight Epigrams

Viola and guitar

Homage á Perotin

Two treble instruments and one bass instrument

(ca. 4:30)


Limula’s Magic Tail

(melodrama for young audiences) (30:00)

fl., ob., cl., bn., hn., vl. 1, vl. 2, va., vc., cb., pf., narrator.

A magic horseshoe crab turns three children into threatened species so they can experience the lives of the bay creatures. Commissioned by the Jacques Cousteau Center for Estuarine Research.

Meditations on Jacob Wrestling

clarinet, viola, piano. For the Halcyon Trio. 

Based upon the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the stranger.

New Jersey Camp Meeting: a Bloomfield Sabbath

Flute and piano

Famous hymn tunes of  William Batchelder Bradbury are cast in an Ivesian soundscape. Bradbury lived in Montclair, NJ, and is buried in neighboring Bloomfield. Ives’ first post-Yale job was as organist in the Presbyterian Church on the Green in Bloomfield. He certainly knew Bradbury’s hymn tunes.

Ondine Visions

Flute, clarinet, piano

Commissioned by Ron Levy for the Palisades Virtuosi as part of their Ondine Festival at Lincoln Center, New York.

Pastorale(originally for piano solo)

arranged for harp and flute

arranged for flute, clarinet, piano

arranged for viola and piano

Sonata for Clarinet & Pianoforte

Three movements

Sonata for Unaccompanied Flute

Four movements

Sonata for Violoncello & Pianoforte

Three movements



A Modal Mass

SATB soli, SATB chorus, chamber orchestra, organ  (ca. 35:00)

Noe! Pastores, Cantate Dominum (text: Guillaume Bouzignac, ca.1587-ca.1643)

Three choirs: Evangelistae SSTT; Gabriel AABB; Pastores SATB; organ, hand bell (A) (ca. 8:30)

Commissioned by the Summit Chorale, Garyth Nair, conductor.

One Song, America (text: Walt Whitman)

Concludes with audience participation “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”  SATB, three trombones, bass trombone  (ca. 3:15)

Psalm 121

SATB, high voice solo, piano (organ). (ca. 7:00) Commissioned by Marcia Reardon in memory of her mother.

Choral music — church anthems

And there will be signs (Luke XXI: 25-26, 33)

SATB, piano (organ) (ca. 3:00)

Little Child in Stable Bare (text: Penny Harter)

SATB a capella, child soprano solo. (ca. 3:00)

Long Ago (text: Penny Harter)

Unison, piano (organ) (ca. 2:00)

Four Amens (short responses)

A capella SATB

Lord, Lift our hearts (text: Stanzas 1& 3: Phillip R. Dietterich, Stanza 2: John H. B. Masterman)

Deus Tuorum Militum Grenoble Antiphoner, 1868 arr. P.M.S.

Unison with soprano descant., organ (piano) (ca. 2:30)

Psalm 121

SATB, high voice solo, piano (organ) (ca. 7:00)

So I Walk (text: Dead Sea Scrolls)

A capella SATB  (ca. 2:30)

Turn the Wheel (text: Jeremiah XVIII:1-6)

Two parts, piano (organ) (ca. 3:00)

Veni, Creator (text: attributed to Rhabanus Maurus [776-856])

SAB, piano (organ)  (ca. 2:15) A languid tango..

Whatever is True (text: Philippians IV:8-9)

SATB, piano (organ)  (ca. 2:00)


Evolving Chaconne

2,2,2,2; 4,2; timp; strings with principal string solos. (ca. 11:00)

Commissioned by the Colonial Symphony, Yehuda Gilad, conductor. Premiered, May 2004.


September 11 observance: soprano and mezzo-soprano solos (text based on a quote within the September 11 Commission Report); solo cello in or behind audience, four violins, one viola, three celli, bass — all one to a part.

Also available with oboe and english horn instead of singers. (ca. 16:45)

Two Lyrics for Violin solo and strings

Solo violin and string orchestra or quintet. Composed at the request of  Ruotao Mao.  (ca. 20:00)

Violin Concerto

2, 2, 2, 2; 2, 2; timp., strings. Three movements without pause. 

Premiered by the Bay Atlantic Symphony with violinist Jorge Ávila, Jed Gaylin, conductor, on March 26 & 27, 2011.


Dedication Fanfare

Arrangement of the brass trio (see Brass above)

for organ.

East Haven Spirits

Solo piano. Commissioned by Ron Levy for the 100th Anniversary of the East Haven, Connecticut, Hagaman Library. (ca. 30:00)


1a. In the Library 

1b. The Power of Iron

2a In the Library

2b Fog On the Sound

3a In the Library

3b Old Stone Church

4a. In the Library

4b Trolley Car Blues

5a In the Library

5b The Ghosts of Black Rock Fort

6. The Library as Temple of Learning

Inventio for Amanda Harberg

Piano solo. (ca. 1:30)

Maurice River Pictures

Solo piano. Composed for Ron Levy (ca. 25:00)


1. County Fair Opening Day

2. Strolling Downtown

3. War Memorial

4. Gliding Raptors

5. Moonrise Over the Salt Marsh

6. Maurice River Flows into the Bay

Pastorale (1966)

Piano solo. Originally “Christmas Pastoral”, composed as a Christmas gift for Rosamund Danielson, an amateur pianist.

Three Moods (1962)

Piano solo.(for intermediate piano students).


I. Sentimental

II. Laughing

III. Serious


Benediction (text: PMS)

Postcard (text: PMS)

A Vision of Christmas (song cycle)


Invocation (text: Stephen Vincent Benet)

Little Child in Stable Bare (text: Penny Harter)

In the Pale Christmas Straw (text: Penny Harter)

Long Ago Some Shepherds Ran

(text: Penny Harter)

On Christmas Eve Animals

(text: Penny Harter)

The People That Walk’d in Darkness

(text: Isaiah IX:2)

Let the Frosty Midnight Sky (text: Penny Harter)


A Stranger (EMMAUS ROAD) (text: Marnie Barrell)

God Come Now to Explore My Heart

(EXPLORER 8686D) (text: Marnie Barrell)

Let the Frosty Midnight Sky

(MIDNIGHT SKY 77.77.D) (text: Penny Harter)

This Is Our Faith (BRIGHT DAY: 46777 46787)

(text: Marnie Barrell)

We Stand With Christ (HOMELESS CHRIST)

(text: Marnie Barrell)

Who Are These Who Ride? (STARLIGHT RIDE)

(text: Marnie Barrell)


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